bike ride chain gang

Come join us for a bike ride.  We gather at Bike Ride in Hobart every Tuesday.   No experience necessary.  Come along, meet new people and get some friendly exercise.

No one gets left behind.

bike ride chain gang

We meet at Bike Ride Hobart every tuesday and usually complete a 30km cirucit.  We don’t pedal any faster than the slowest rider!

We provide a safe environment for you to gain confidence and meet new friends.

meet our local ambassador

Yvette Edward is the Specialized Ambassador for Tasmanian.  That means she loves bikes!

Yvette organises the weekly Bike Ride Chain Gang get together and also curates the group’s Facebook page.   Join the group today to connect with Yvette and other Tasmanian riders.

Her favourite ride is Mount Wellington (Kunanyi) and when she’s not riding you will probably find her out running.

Yvette loves the opportunity to meet new people through the riding group and is very clear that this group is about getting confidence with bike riding on the road and of course meeting new people.

Meet your Tasmanian Ambassador - Yvette Edward

Yvette Edward

Specialized Female Ambassador

I love riding my bike. I love the freedom it brings you, the places it takes you, the adrenalin you experience.  It is like no other. I love to ride fast and compete and challenge myself on the bike but I also love to just ride and allow my bike to take me to places and enjoy being out there. It keeps me fit and healthy and loving life.

“I want others to experience this feeling which is why I am the ambassador for women’s cycling and provide a supportive environment for women to ride in.”

I am a mum, I work, I have a busy life, but I always find time to get on my bike each week. For me it is a release from everything. A way of escaping and enjoying being fit and healthy.

What better way to explore new places and meet new people while on two wheels. Join our Women’s Cycling Bunch (WCB) and become part of our community of friendly, supportive women who love riding bikes! There are regular organized rides to do and there is something for everyone……on bikes!

Girls get muddy having fun on WCB with Yvette Edward

what we are about

The Bike Ride Chain Gang is an initiative of Bike Ride that has been running for a few years now with the intention of encouraging women to increase their participation in cycling.

We run regular weekly and monthly rides and occasional longer (supported )rides as well as skill development sessions. There is a full range of abilities and experience in the gang ranging from social riders all the way through to competitive cyclists.

It is free to join the Chain Gang. If you would like to join contact the Co-ordinator Yvette Edward via the Bike Ride Chain Gang – Facebook page.

With over 300 members you’ll be sure to find a supportive environment to help you enjoy and get the most out of your cycling.

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