What is a bike? A machine? A tool? Or is it a continuation of the body—a paintbrush completing a picture of your true self? We believe it’s more than this, as words can’t describe the feeling it gives you to ride.

Bike Ride Hobart stock a large range of bikes

Bicycle sales and hire

Do you spend your waking life yearning for the next time you can ride your bike?  We know how you feel!  That muscle burn you get when you are pushing yourself as hard as you can.  Pedals spinning, chain racing, wind rushing past.

Nothing else is quite like it. You feel like a giant and when you’re in the zone you stay there.  You shouldn’t be worrying about the quality of your equipment.  That’s where we come in, setting you up with the right gear to keep you safe and rock steady on your ride.


Tasmania is a mountain biking paradise with riders world wide beating a path to our door.   Take a closer look at our pristine terrain and you will see carefully maintained dirt trails manicured into the natural setting.   Riding your mountain bike here will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.   With a variety of mountain biking options at various grades, you will not be disappointed with what Tasmania has on offer.

The real question is this.  Are you properly equipped?   A sturdy yet light weight frame coupled with tight fittings, a drive system engineered and perfected over many years, the right wheels, tyres and brakes.  Bike Ride are the leading stockest for Specialized and Intense mountain bikes.  

Come and see the complete Specialized range at Bike Ride Hobart
Hit the Trail with the Specialized Mountain Bike today at Bike Ride Hobart

Specialized MTBs

We stock a range of Specialized Mountain bikes.

Come and trial the Intense cycle at Bike Ride Hobart
Come in to Bike Ride Hobart to see and test the Intense

Intense MTBs

Bike Ride are exclusive dealers for Intense in Tasmania


Tasmania is well known for its long windy roads.   On any given day you will see teams of riders making their way down the old Chanel Highway to Kingston,  up the winding bends past the Cascades, out towards Richmond or any number of other options.

What bike you ride doesnt matter.  Whether its Specialized, Cervelo.  The main thing is to get out there!  Feel the wind on your face, your legs pumping the pedals as you race to keep pace with the team.   Here at Bike Ride we don’t just sell and hire bikes, but we also live and breath them as well.   Pop in to talk more about our wide range of road bikes.   If you just want to test ride some of our stock thats not a problem.  We have demo stock available for testing.   We also have riding groups leaving the shop in Harrington Street 2 times a week.  What are you waiting for?

Come and see the complete Specialized range at Bike Ride Hobart
Specialized perfectly tuned for the road with bike ride Hobart

Specialized Road Bikes

Bike Ride stock an impressive range of Specialized road bikes

Cervelo rule the roads with Bike Ride Hobart
Cervelo never ride alone with bike ride hobart

Cervelo Road Bikes

Come in to talk more about the Cervelo range


Bike Ride Hobart have access to an extensive range of toddlers and childrens bicycles.   We all know that teaching your child to ride at an early age helps them with balance and confidence.   Its a skill that never leaves you, but much harder to learn as you get older.

Boys and girls love the joy and freedom of bike riding.  Get them on a specialized or BYK cycle at a young age and you’re giving them a healthy hobby that may well last them the rest of their life.

Come and see the complete Specialized range at Bike Ride Hobart
Kids love specialized bicycles at bike ride Hobart

Specialized Kids Bikes

Kids love Specialized bicycles at bike ride Hobart

Kids love our BYK bikes at Bike Ride Hobart
BYK Bikes for the little ones from Bike Ride Hobart

BYK Kids Bikes

BYK Bikes for the little ones from Bike Ride Hobart

E Bikes

Just about anywhere you go in Tasmania there’s a hill to be conquered.   If you’re using your bike to commute its likely you don’t want to be drenched in sweat when you arrive at your destination.

Pedal assist “E-Bikes” help smooth out those hills.  You still pedal and its still your own energy that gets you there.   These smart bikes can be set to varying degrees of assist.  If they detect you are going up a steep hill they can help you more.  If they sense that you are pushing harder on the pedals they can help more.   They make commuting in traffic safer because of the “powered assist” they can give you at take off.  No more starting wobbles at the traffic lights.

Come and talk to us today about our range of Specialized, Kalkhoff and Gazelle electric power assist e-bikes.

Come and see the complete Specialized range at Bike Ride Hobart
Test Ride the Vado Turbo at Bike Ride Hobart

Specialized E-Bikes

Test Ride the Vado Turbo at Bike Ride Hobart

Test ride the Kalkhoff range at Bike Ride Hobart
Test Ride the Kalkhoff at Bike Ride Hobart

Kalkhoff E-Bikes

Come in and see us at Bike Ride Hobart to talk more about the Kalkhoff range

Test ride the Gazelle range at Bike Ride Hobart
Test ride the Gazelle Electric at bike ride Hobart

Gazelle E-Bikes

Test ride the Gazelle Electric at bike ride Hobart


Bike Ride Hobart actively support electric mountain bike riding in Tasmania.    We run a guided mountain bike ride each Thursday from our shop in Harrington St Hobart and encourage all riders experienced and new to join us.  It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re riding an Avanti, Giant, Trek or any other brand.   Check us out on facebook for the next ride  and get down to the store to meet like minded individuals.

And if you’re looking for an electric mountain bike then we have a number of options for you to consider.  Come see us and arrange to take a demo home for the weekend and give it a good test ride.  or if you prefer, hire one of our electric power assist range from Cranke Hobart, our sister company.   Bike Ride Hobart carry a large range of stock and can get most items in within 5 – 7 days.

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