Basic Bike Setup

You’ve bought your dream bike and we’ve done our part to ensure it is mechanically sound.   But is the bike configured to your individual requirement?

Bike Ride provide a Basic Bike Setup service

If you want to get the most out of your bike its important that things like seat height, saddle position and handle bar adjustments are customised to your fit.

The only thing stopping you from the perfect ride is the perfect fit.

What is the Basic Bike Fit?

If you know how to ride a bike then its likely you can hop on any bike and start peddling.  But after a while you will notice aches and pains starting to sneak in.   This is because the bike hasn’t been setup to suit your personal fit.   Most people will make a rough adjust to the saddle height but that’s only going part of the way towards a better, and safer, ride.  That’s only part of the solution.

How does it Work?

If you’ve bought your bike from us then we’ve already fit you to the right frame size.

The 1 hour Basic Bike Fit will see one of our trained bike fitters run through the configurable aspects of your bike and set them up perfectly to suit you.

Everything from saddle height and position, stem length, through to handle bar width assessment.   And all of it with consideration of your personal dimensions.

Kate getting fit on Retul at Bike Ride Hobart
Correct posture reduces chance of injury at Bike Ride Hobart

What are the benefits?

Improved efficiency in your pedal stroke, reduced ache at pivot points on your body such as shoulders, elbows, lower back, seat area and knees will be some of the immediate benefits you will notice.

Apart from rider comfort other benefits will be more comfortable handling of the bike and a better power ratio meaning you will be able to travel further for the same expenditure of energy.


What does it cost?

The cost of the Basic Bike Setup is $85.

A qualified member of our service team will work with you for 1 hour to make necessary adjustments and recommendations so the bike fit is the best it can be for your personal settings.

Additional charges may occur for extra parts and labour but this will be discussed with you before hand.


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