Meet Bike Ride’s Ambassadors

Come along to the next Shop Ride and catch up with Yvette, Kaine or Christa.

Our Bike Ride Ambassadors love sharing what they know about bike handling and safe riding.

Our Tasmanian Ambassadors

Meet our Tasmanian ambassadors.  They are passionate about the Specialized brand and everything to do with bike riding.  If you attend one of our weekly shop rides you will likely ride with them.

Yvette – specialized ambassador

Yvette organises the weekly WCB get together and also curates the group’s Facebook page.   Join the group today to connect with Yvette and other Tasmanian riders.

Her favourite ride is Mount Wellington (Kunanyi) and when she’s not riding you will probably find her out running.

Yvette loves the opportunity to meet new people through the riding group and is very clear that this group is about getting confidence with bike riding on the road and of course meeting new people.

Meet your Tasmanian Ambassador - Yvette Edward

What Yvette says about herself

I love riding my bike. I love the freedom it brings you, the places it takes you, the adrenalin you experience.  It is like no other. I love to ride fast and compete and challenge myself on the bike but I also love to just ride and allow my bike to take me to places and enjoy being out there. It keeps me fit and healthy and loving life.

“I want others to experience this feeling which is why I am the ambassador for women’s cycling and provide a supportive environment for women to ride in.”

I am a mum, I work, I have a busy life, but I always find time to get on my bike each week. For me it is a release from everything. A way of escaping and enjoying being fit and healthy.

What better way to explore new places and meet new people while on two wheels. Join our Women’s Cycling Bunch (WCB) and become part of our community of friendly, supportive women who love riding bikes! There are regular organized rides to do and there is something for everyone……on bikes!

Angus- specialized ambassador

One of Angus’ strongest childhood memories was the feeling of jumping on a purple K-Mart bike for the first time and rolling out the door.

He cut his teeth bombing around the sweet gravel roads around Leslie Vale, with a few stacks along the way.

A sweet steel Bianchi owned by his next door neighbour prompted him to switch to skinny tyres, and his trusty Roubaix took him on many a trip south down the Channel Highway.

Since then, Angus has developed both his road racing and kit game, being allegedly voted “Best Dressed Cyclist in Hobart” for 2018. He is always up for a bit of bike chat about the latest gear or updates on the racing scene. Although his experience is primarily in road cycling and racing, he’s been bitten by the off-road bug again, and is looking forward to developing some new skills and going for a rip in some XC races too. 

Meet your Tasmanian Ambassador - Kaine Cannan

Meet Angus

What Angus says about himself

I’ve been riding roadies for the last 12 years, and racing competitively since 2015. Every time I roll out the door I get the same sense of infinite possibility when I first rode a bicycle. I truly believe the bicycle is the ultimate freedom machine.

Tasmania has some of the most best roads and trails available for riders in the world, I am stoked to be be able to live in this beautiful state. My weekend ritual is a long ride south with mates, feel free to hit me up if you ever feel like a roll!

I’ve recently rediscovered the joy and new challenge of off-road riding, and I’m really looking forward to developing my racing skills in both disciplines this year. I feel really lucky to have the support of BikeRide as I explore the many avenues of cycling, and I look forward to catching up on the road or trail.

Christa – Bike Ride Ambassador

Christa grew up on the North-West coast of Tasmania and spent many years riding with family and friends.

Moving to Western Australia temporarily and undertaking downhill and gravity enduro mountain bike racing, Christa raced several seasons in elite women.

Travelling around Australia and parts of Asia and Canada riding mountain bike trails and parks has provided a high degree of inspiration to Christa’s coaching methods and style. Coming from a downhill / freeride background, Christa enjoys coaching manoeuvres such as jumping.

Christa is accredited with the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA) which is the leading global accreditation body.

Meet your Tasmanian Intense Ambassador - Christa Capel

Kaine works at Bike Ride Hobart and helps out with sales and maintenance

What Christa says about herself

Mountain biking helped me feel alive during the pressure of university exams.  As soon as I finished my degree I was riding as much as I could, I started racing downhill and then enduro too and the addiction was set! I have mountain biked around many parts of Aus and Canada too and want to travel all around the world with my bike.

Mountain biking brought me to a better place in life and I haven’t looked back.  Since starting Shape&Ride in 2016, my main focus has been having fun on the bikes with kids and helping them improve their skills so they want to get out and ride more.  I design and build my own ramps and cart them around Tasmania for our kids school holiday and after school programs.

I also run womens skills development programs around Tas and travel around parts of Aus coaching on the go which has been an awesome adventure.

I am stoked to have BikeRide support what I do and share my passion for riding bikes!

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