Meet Tasmania’s Specialized Ambassadors

Come along to the next Shop Ride and catch up with Yvette or Kaine.

Our Specialized Ambassadors love sharing what they know about bike handling and safe riding.

Our Tasmanian Ambassadors

Meet our Tasmanian ambassadors.  They are passionate about the Specialized brand and everything to do with bike riding.  If you attend one of our weekly shop rides you will likely ride with them.

Yvette Edward

Yvette organises the weekly WCB get together and also curates the group’s Facebook page.   Join the group today to connect with Yvette and other Tasmanian riders.

Her favourite ride is Mount Wellington (Kunanyi) and when she’s not riding you will probably find her out running.

Yvette loves the opportunity to meet new people through the riding group and is very clear that this group is about getting confidence with bike riding on the road and of course meeting new people.

Meet your Tasmanian Ambassador - Yvette Edward

What Yvette says about herself

I love riding my bike. I love the freedom it brings you, the places it takes you, the adrenalin you experience.  It is like no other. I love to ride fast and compete and challenge myself on the bike but I also love to just ride and allow my bike to take me to places and enjoy being out there. It keeps me fit and healthy and loving life.

“I want others to experience this feeling which is why I am the ambassador for women’s cycling and provide a supportive environment for women to ride in.”

I am a mum, I work, I have a busy life, but I always find time to get on my bike each week. For me it is a release from everything. A way of escaping and enjoying being fit and healthy.

What better way to explore new places and meet new people while on two wheels. Join our Women’s Cycling Bunch (WCB) and become part of our community of friendly, supportive women who love riding bikes! There are regular organized rides to do and there is something for everyone……on bikes!


Kaine can often be found leading the Thursday Mountain bike shop ride.  Just turn up at 5:15pm at the shop, but check the facebook page for more details.

At home on a road bike or endure, Kaine is passionate about both. The words “down-hill” and “fast” are often said in the same sentence when his name is mentioned.

Having completed the internationally recognised certificate I in Professional Mountain Bike Coaching, Kaine can now train individuals in the fundamentals of mountain biking. He can teach you important topics like finding balance, cornering, braking and body positioning. All of these skills are vital for reducing the chance of injury.

Kaine is very interested in the future of e-bikes. The continued improvement in design and weight reduction is making these bikes more viable every day. He definitely sees these as the future and thinks they’d be great fun to head out on a day adventure with your mates. 

Meet your Tasmanian Ambassador - Yvette Edward
Kaine works at Bike Ride Hobart and helps out with sales and maintenance

What Kaine says about himself

I’ve been riding competitively since 2002 and love riding both road bikes and mountain/enduro. I’ve been lucky enough to travel and compete in enduro events at world class level.  Recently I won the club championships in Tasmania for road riding.

I organise regular road ride adventures on a Saturday with my mates and anyone connected to Bike Ride that wants to come along.

Having received certification to teach safe handling of mountain bikes I look forward to passing on all the skills I have accumulated over the years. 

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